One Guide's Journal - More June Fishing

Angling continues to exceed expectations here at dogskin on a surreal level.  With the exception of one day where a 40.5 inch missed the mark, at least one master angler fish has been landed since the opener to our 2014 season.   Right now we are in the transitional period of the year where plenty of fish are being caught in both spring and summer locations around the lake.  Depending on the whereabouts, water temperatures have been ranging between 58 and 68 degrees; allowing fisherman to hone in on warmer bays and shorelines.  As a result, baitfish are being spotted in massive schools and the big fish haven't been far behind.  

My most recent adventures include a trip of a lifetime with Neil Valencia, Tim Gold, and Allan Ketteler.  Amongst numerous high 30 inch class pike, Neil managed to wrangle this beautiful master angler Northern in style below the south rapids. 

Darrel Williams, Dave Wald, and I finished their trip on a high note with another awesome day down river to Hutch lake where Dave landed yet another beauty gator.  

The past few days have been well spent with the awesome folks from the Hansen group.  Countless mid to high 30's pike, and enough 14-24 inch walleyes to feed a small village have been caught casting flies, spoons, crank baits, and dead sticked sardines.      The master angler club welcomes Dwayne with open arms in honor of the massive bodied 28.5 inch walleye by casting a large size solid silver doctor spoon.  I can hardly wait for tomorrows trophy pike hunt.  10 holy walleyes now and 10 hail northerns later, fish Gods, hear my prayer.

Your Friend, and Guide

Matt Sobiera