One Guide's Journal - June Update

Fishing continues to remain fantastic as the season progresses with over 30 master angler class fish on the board.  We are still finding some great fish in the traditional spring locations such as wally world where Ron Lange proved that the early bird truly does catch the worm by landing a 28.5 inch walleye.  Ron was spotted leaving the dock at 4:45.  In addition to the spring spots, walleye and pike are beginning to spread out into the main parts of the lake.  With a surface water temperature of 65 degrees, the majority of fish are being caught in 6 to 8 feet of water.

I had a blast yesterday fishing down river with Darrell Williams and David Wald as we tackled the hutch lake portage.  We spent the majority of time hammering down on walters below the third set of rapids, only stopping to light a fire and devour 11 walleyes between the three of us.  After running our boat back up the rapids we stopped for a final 15 minutes of fun below the second set where Dave patiently hauled up this beauty pictured below in heavy current.  Tonight we're getting a fully guided group of 10 so stay tuned because something massive is bound to be revealed this week.  


Your friend, and guide,

Matt Sobiera