One Guide's Journal - Manitoba Sasquatch!

It was 2:15pm on Friday the 13th when Patrick Kelley locked into his pike of a lifetime.  We were trolling a deep diving, fire-tiger, cisco kid muskie bait on the eastern shoreline near square rock in  10 to 15 feet of water when all of a sudden Pat's rod bent in U.  Things got pretty exciting when Mary-Beth and David Kelley's lines both twisted around Pat's but we were fortunately able to keep tension on the fish while unravelling the baits from the main line.  Suddenly, the fish surfaced, flared her massive gills, and torpedoed like freight train across the surface of the water.  After one good run and a near heart attack, Pat managed to once again surface the fish.  I could see that she was just barely hooked and urged Pat to TAKE IT EASY!  Pat did an awesome job of gently bringing the fish within netting distance and once landed, we shared a much deserved BOO-Yeah! The hook popped out in the net and after a measurement and a couple quick pictures, we released her back to the Dogskin depths…. what a day at the office.