One Guide's Journal - Like Father, Like Son

Father and son trips are always a riot and there's no  better way to maintain focus and boat morale than a good ol' fashioned fish-off! Naturally, having always been out fished by my own dad, I was on team son!  Carefully orchestrated boat control allowed me to position Jig Head Joe directly on the deep drop offs, leaving Mike the Pike to angle shallow, baron areas of the watershed.  

As a result, Joe was able to out fish his dad two out of the three days.  The third day however, Mike took the win by way of some old school Chicago tricks such as spraying bug repellant on Joe's reel and dipping his jigs in gasoline.  

Here's a few pictures you might enjoy from our three day trip together…. :)

Joe demonstrates that no lure is ever really too big by reeling in this 22 inch walleye which had already begun to swallow a significantly sized burbot.

We've all dropped a walleye or two overboard in our day but not everybody gets caught on camera doing it….. THE CHICAGO DEATH GRIP!!!

Like father, like son…. 20 inch doubles!

Jig Head Joe making it look easy with this beautiful July Gator!

Mike sets the hook and a positive example with this juicy 27 inch July Eye!!!

A big thank you to Mike and Joe Strick for including me in their Canadian fishing adventure of a lifetime!  

your friend, and guide,

Matt Sobiera