One Guide's Journal - Family Matters

It isn't everyday that I find myself surrounded by beautiful women, weather, AND walleyes!  I pinched myself several times and finally came to terms with the reality that I might just be one of the luckiest men alive.  It had been a couple years since the Belsen crew and I got to fish together;  i was deeply concerned that I had scared off molly and nana sue after releasing an accidental chain-saw-sounding fart while bending over to pick up a walleye from the bottom of the boat! 

This year, Molly's sister Maggie joined the gang for a few days of good ol' fashioned family fishn' fun.  Here's a pic from Molly, Sue and I's first trip together three years ago!!!

There wasn't a single fish that passed which wasn't greeted with a giant WOOOOHOOOOO! During our three days together, team moral was at an all time high and a boat load full of positive walleye attitudes produced some awesome results.  

Molly and Magz doing their thang!

Magz and Nana :)

On our last day together, mother nature decided us to throw us a curve ball with gail force winds from the the north east.  In turn, we decided to fish a spot we later named "no brainer", which is actually the south-east shoreline right out front of the lodge.  Surprisingly, it produced multiple fish over 24 inches including this beautiful 26.5 incher which miss molly wrangled by way of a chartreuse jig and a minnow.

Three days can feel like the blink of an eye up here, especially when you're surrounded by a family full of awesome people who love nothing more than enjoying each others company.  As much fun as we had catching fish, it really wasn't about that with the Belsen's.  Thank you so much to all you groups who remind me that the most important thing in life will always be friends, and family…. although monster fish are definitely a close third.