One Guide's Journal - Times Like These

As the end of the season fast approaches it feels like just yesterday that I was taking my first steps onto the dock, and unpacking my gear into my pike slime smelling room.  Time truly flies up here and although we do our best to keep you updated with the latest and greatest, there are so many stories, pictures, and memories that we don't get a chance to pass on to all you fellow die-hard Dogskinners. Here's a hand full of good times that will not be soon forgotten!

Straight up, die hard, passionate, polite, and just awesome guy to fish with… Ian is one of those refreshing young anglers who brings hope to the future of the up and coming sportsmanlike fishoholic community.  Also pictured below is an awesome shot of him and his little sister Alyea! 

We like to get them started young here at Dogskin!  The true star of our show, Katie Torgerson, demonstrates her fillet skills during shore lunch at our beautiful Frances Lake location.

Dogskin is most famous for it's walleye and pike populations but it is also home to whitefish, burbot, tulibee, common and red-fin suckers, as well as yellow perch.  On this day, Ethan earned one of his multi-species badges with this respectable bait stealer.

David Rykus is a great fisherman but don't count on him to contribute to the stringer because he only knows how to catch the big ones.  His brother and I watched on as he landed multiple back to back 20 plus inch fish during a morning of nasty weather fishing off of the north flats.  What a guy!

Friend, guide, and pike slayer, Jason, and I enjoyed a night of good company and great fishing as he wrangled this beautiful Bear Lake northern :)

There is no better way to develop or make new friendships than a solid days fishing… Harriss and Ethan might not be blood related but they sure look like brothers as they show off a couple of dandy 20 plus inch walters!

Craig Johnson and I share a similar passion for people and the outdoors, and after 4 years of getting to know one another he feels more like a second dad to me than anything else.  It isn't the biggest walleye in the lake but this picture will always bring a smile to my face…

Shad's father in law Jon Young, Mike, and I, fished out the evening at Johnson's Bar where we were able to get a hold of this laughably massive bodied 26 inch wally!

It isn't everyday that you meet a lady as cool as Nana Sue Belsen.  I have had the privilege of sharing two trips with her family and both were truly unforgettable.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words… 

Here is a picture of Peter Taubenberger in Dogskin heaven.  Happy birthday Pete!!!

Once and awhile mother nature throws us a curve ball and depending on your tolerance for nasty fishing conditions, you might find yourself in fishing jail.  After a few hours in fishing jail the window patterns begin to look like bars as you buzz around the lodge in search of yet another cup of coffee… you may even find yourself perched on a chair, measuring the fish we have mounted around the lodge.  On this particular day, Mike and I jumped the fishing jail fence and hit the lake running in order to bring home enough fish for shore lunch at the prison.  Fortunately, we were able to keep our jobs by bringing back enough fish for the family and even caught these beautiful 24 and 26 inch walleyes pictured below.  I love nasty weather fishing!!!

Your Friend and Guide,

Matt Sobiera