Information about your trip.

On this page you'll find links to our lodge and outpost information packets, as well as links to articles that can help you prepare for your trip. The information packets contain details about passports requirements, what to pack, directions to the floatplane base, etc.

To better serve our guests, please have one member of the group fill out our information request form located below. You can do this online, or you may print it out and send it to us via mail or fax. We prefer that you fill it out outline so that we can easily link it with your reservation. The questionnaire has questions about your group, including contact details, how you will be traveling to our floatplane base, where you are staying locally, optional food package info (outposts) and other pertinent information that we use to help us make your trip a great experience.

Please fill out one of the following for your group:

Information Packets

The following are links to download our information packets for each of our locations.  They contain information regarding passport requirements, directions, hotels, packing lists, food packages (outposts) and other information that can help make your trip the best it can be.

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