Fishing updates and pictures from Dogskin Lake

Hello there!! This is MikeyPikey one of the fishing guides up at DogskinLake Lodge.  Sorry for the delay on fishing updates and such,  the lodge and the crew have been busy busy.

any how.. lets talk fishing

2013 Dogskin lake report goes like this..

MAY 2013--- The season started with a bang! cool weather but lots of action on the end of fishing line.

jigs and minnows cleaned house on the WALLEYES down at the SOUTH RAPIDS,with many Master Angler PIKE trying to eat your walleyes.  average person caught over 100 walleyes in a hour or so..


was non stop from morning to evening, using live leeches on a jig head (pink in color) was the ticket to larger walleyes. dozens and dozens of 25" to 27" walleyes were caught  with multi Master Angler Walleyes and Master Angler pike also caught..  28"28.5" walleyes   41" 42" pike


June was unreal fishing . this is my first year working as a fishing guide at dogskin lake and MAN!! I saw so many fish being caught. Master pike and master walleyes were a daily thing. once again jigs and minnows were the lure of choice. but lots of the bigger walleyes were being caught on five of diamonds spoons. or sliver doctor spoons. the pike fishing was at its best, non stop pike after pike. 

fished the shallow weedy bays of NORTH CLAYTON lake. BEAVER CREEK was awesome for big pike. 

I could type and type for hours about the june fishing.. but i have to keep it short and sweet..

so ya!! spoons were the killer lure for the month of june..jigs and minnows or leeches were the walleye slaying lures.

July 2013 report

As we stand this july is starting off to be the BEST fishing to date, "actually right now as i'm typing this a few guest came through the front of the lodge laughing on how they have never see or caught so many fish in their lives.  lol awesome sight to see, people coming back from the lake beat from having so much fun fishing and catching their fish of a life time..

Most lakes the fishing is best in the spring/early summer.. well at Dogskin july in my opinion is turning out to be the best month yet. and july just started , excited to see what happen next!!

Here's some photos of guests I guided and their trophies