One Guide's Journal - Spring Fishing

The only word that can really sum up the start to our season here at Dogskin is insane…  Perfect conditions and timing for the spring walleye and pike hunt has produced nearly 20 master angler fish already.  We are in the process of collecting pictures from guests so you can expect an awesome picture update shortly.  Trophy fish are being caught using a variety of techniques including large and small crank baits, spoons, and of course, minnow tipped jigs.   I recently had the pleasure of spending two days of fishing with Bob, John, and Zack.   One father, one son, and one proud grandfather, plus one Canuck fishing bum, equals a memory that will not be soon forgotten.  I hope you enjoy these pics of a few of the big girls that didn't get away.  

Your friend, and guide,

Matt Sobiera